Guidance and Counseling

Student services staff and instructors at the Center work in conjunction with personnel at home schools, adult centers, colleges, and human service agencies to provide guidance, personal counseling, career development, and placement services that help facilitate success for all students and help them with the transition from school to employment and/or college.

Work-Based Learning

Job Shadowing – Typically a 1/2 day experience that allows a student to explore a career of personal interest. The student does an on-site visit with an adult in the chosen occupation asking questions and observing the skills, education, and qualifications needed for that particular career. This is an unpaid experience and all students are encouraged to participate.

Work Exploration – A student is placed with an employer for up to 45 hours to participate in the work setting. The training must be related to the CTC program in which the student is enrolled. This is an unpaid experience and students must be recommended by their instructor.

Co-op – A student may work at a paying job related to their CTC program. Co-op is an on-the-job experience carefully supervised with a training agreement and training plan. This is a capstone experience and students must be recommended by their instructor.

Job Placement – Assistance in finding a job is available to all students and graduates of the Career Technical Center.

College and Career Cafe – The College and Career Cafe (CCC) is a fully functioning computer lab that is available to all students for a variety of activities. Students can participate in preparation for the Work Keys test by using a program entitled Key Train. These tests and practices help with career placement by assessing a student’s academic strengths and weaknesses. Students then go through a series of lessons to improve their scores.

The CCC is also available for researching anything from a classroom report to career information. Students can work individually on these projects or in workshops held by Center staff. Teachers may also schedule a certain time for their entire class to work.

National Technical Honor Society

National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) membership requirements are: 1) completion of one semester at the WMCTC; 2) absences of five days or less per semester (with no make-ups); 3) grade of B+ or better at CTC and B or better at their home school; 4) positive standing at student’s home school; 5) ability to follow instructions, be safety conscious, work well with others, be dependable, trustworthy, responsible, honest, take pride in their work, and exhibit good citizenship; and 6) additional criteria as determined by the program instructor.

A student who meets these eligibility requirements, will be responsible for completion of the NTHS nomination form, securing CTC instructor and home school recommendations. Any NTHS member who fails to meet any of the membership requirements may be removed from NTHS.