Count Day Forms

Below are links to the required pupil accounting forms for the Fall and Spring count day audits.

Building Level columns indicates which building is responsible for the forms. When “District” is identified, this means that ONE form is completed and uploaded into Moodle once for the whole district.

Items that are highlighted in PURPLE, are items that comes from Michigan Department of Education (MDE).

Items that are highlighted in ORANGE, are forms that can be printed from MSDS.

Items that are highlighted in GREEN, are forms that can be printed from PowerSchool.

Building LevelMOODLE Section NumberSection/Documentation NameBuilding LevelMOODLE Section NumberSection/Documentation Name
District1-BCount Day Waiver (From MDE)Cyber1-ARequired Documentation List
District1-BDays & Clock Hour Waiver (From MDE)Cyber1-BCount Day Waiver (From MDE)
District1-BOffline Seat Time Waiver (From MDE)Cyber1-BDays & Clock Hour Waiver (From MDE)
District1-CCertified MSDS Alpha List (Pupil Membership) Report (MSDS)Cyber1-BOffline Seat Time Waiver (From MDE)
District1-DDS-4061 (MSDS)Cyber1-CCertified MSDS Alpha List (Pupil Membership) Report (MSDS)
District2-BLocal District Planning FormCyber1-CAlphabetized Membership Report (MSDS report)
District2-BDocumentation for Changes (Question #3)Cyber1-DDS-4061 (MSDS report)
District2-FRetention PolicyCyber1-EBirth Certificate Verification Form
ELE/MS/HS/SPED1-ARequired Documentation ListCyber1-EBirth Certificate Supporting Documentation (e.g., letters, phone logs, etc.)
ELE/MS/HS/SPED1-CAlphabetized Membership Report  (MI Official Enrollment Student Roster)Cyber1-FAbsent on Count Day (Non Participation) 10/30 Day
ELE/MS/HS/SPED1-EBirth Certificate Verification FormCyber1-FAttendance Codes – Showing excused/unexcused
ELE/MS/HS/SPED1-EBirth Certificate Supporting Documentation (e.g., letters, phone logs, etc.)Cyber1-FAbsence Verification (phone logs, notes, etc.)
ELE/MS/HS/SPED1-FCount Day Absence Report (MI 10/30 Day – By Period)Cyber1-GDrop and Add Record (MSDS report – Exit Status Count)
ELE/MS/HS/SPED1-FAttendance Codes (PowerSchool – sqlReports – Count Day Reports)Cyber1-HElectronic Notebook Certification
ELE/MS/HS/SPED1-FAbsence Verification (phone logs, notes, etc.)Cyber2-AEnrollment Summary (MSDS report – Gender/Race/Ethnicity Count)
ELE/MS/HS/SPED1-GDrop and Add Record (MI Exit-Transfer-In)Cyber2-BLocal District Planning Form
ELE/MS/HS/SPED1-HElectronic Notebook CertificationCyber2-BDocumentation for Changes (Question #3)
ELE/MS/HS/SPED1-IElectronic Pupil Attendance CertificationCyber2-CGraduation Requirements
ELE/MS/HS/SPED2-AEnrollment Summary (Enrollment Summary)Cyber2-DDistrict Course Catalog 
HS2-CGraduation Requirements – District PolicyCyber2-EMaster Teacher Schedule
ELE/MS/HS/SPED2-DDistrict Course Catalog Cyber2-FRetention Policy
ELE/MS/HS/SPED2-EMaster Teacher Schedule (Master Schedule – PDF)Cyber2-FAttendance Policies – District Policy
ELE/MS/HS/SPED2-FAttendance Policies – District PolicyCyber3-AAttendance Records – (October 5 – November 6)
ELE/MS/HS/SPED3-AAttendance Records-Week 1 (Weekly Attendance Summary Meeting)Cyber3-CPupil Class Schedules
ELE/MS/HS/SPED3-AAttendance Records-Week 2 (Weekly Attendance Summary Meeting)Cyber3-DDistrict Calendar Days Calculations
ELE/MS/HS/SPED3-AAttendance Records-Week 3 (Weekly Attendance Summary Meeting)Cyber4-ASpecial Education Worksheet B
ELE/MS/HS/SPED3-AAttendance Records-Week 4 (Weekly Attendance Summary Meeting)Cyber5-BCooperative Education Program (CTC)
ELE/MS/HS/SPED3-AAttendance Records-Week 5 (Weekly Attendance Summary Meeting)Cyber5-G-APostsecondary and Career and Technical Education Dual Enrollment
ELE/MS/HS/SPED3-BProof of 75% Attendance (MI 75% Membership)Cyber5-G-BEarly/ Middle College
ELE/MS/HS/SPED3-CPupil Class Schedules (Student Schedule Listing)Cyber5-G-BEarly/Middle College Invoices 
ELE/MS/HS/SPED3-DScheduled Daily Clock Hours of Instruction
ELE/MS/HS/SPED3-EScheduled Days of Instruction
ELE/MS/HS/SPED3-EDistrict Calendar Showing School Year Calendar
ELE/MS/HS/SPED3-EExam Certification Form
ELE/MS/HS/SPED4-ASpecial Education Worksheet A (MI Worksheet A)
ELE/MS/HS/SPED4-ASpecial Education Worksheet B (MI Worksheet B)   
ELE/MS/HS/SPED4-BNon-Resident (District Released (06))   
ELE/MS/HS/SPED4-BDistrict Release Applications   
HS5-AAlternative Education Programs Pupil List   
HS5-BCooperative Education Program (CTC)   
HS5-BCTE Teacher Academy Files (timesheet, agreement)   
ELE/MS/HS/SPED5-CHome Based Education Pupils   
ELE/MS/HS/SPED5-CHome Based Educational Services Teacher Log   
ELE/MS/HS/SPED5-CHome Based Education Letter from District   
ELE/MS/HS/SPED5-DHomebound/Hospitalized Pupils   
ELE/MS/HS/SPED5-DHomebound/Hospitalized Teacher Log   
ELE/MS/HS/SPED5-DHomebound/Hospitalized MD/DO Doctor Note   
ELE/MS/HS/SPED5-ENonpublic and Home Schooled Pupils   
ELE/MS/HS/SPED5-ENon-Public Shared Time & Home Schooled FTE Calculation Form   
ELE/MS/HS/SPED5-ENon-Public Shared Time & Home Schooled at Non-Public School Pupil List   
ELE/MS/HS/SPED5-ENon-Public Shared Time & Home Schooled at Public School Pupil List   
ELE/MS/HS/SPED5-FPart-Time Pupils   
HS5-G-APostsecondary and Career and Technical Education Dual Enrollment   
HS5-G-BEarly/ Middle College   
HS5-G-BEarly/Middle College Invoices    
HS5-G-CPostsecondary Gifted & Talented Program   
HS5-HReduced Schedule Pupils   
HS5-HReduced Schedule Pupil Applications   
ELE/MS/HS/SPED5-HSE Pupils Less Than Full Day Schedule Per IEP    
ELE/MS/HS/SPED5-HIEP showing reduced schedule requirements   
ELE/MS/HS/SPED5-ISections 105 (02) and 105C (03) Schools of Choice   
ELE/MS/HS/SPED5-ICooperative Agreement (For 105c/Special Education)   
ELE/MS/HS/SPED5-ISchools of Choice Applications   
SPED5-KEarly Childhood 1754 Attendance Form    
SPED5-KEarly Childhood 1755 Attendance Form   
SPED5-KEarly On 1862 Attendance Form    
HS/SPED5-LSpecial Education Pupil Transition Services   
HS/SPED5-LSpecial Education Transition Services Teachers Log   
HS/SPED5-LTraining Agreement/Plan/Progress Report    
MS/HS5-MSplit-Schedule Pupils   
ELE/MS/HS/SPED5-NSuspension & Expulsion   
ELE/MS/HS/SPED5-O-ADistance Learning (K-12) & Independent Study (9-12)   
ELE/MS/HS/SPED5-O-BOffline Seat Time Waiver/Project-Based Learning   
ELE/MS/HS/SPED5-O-BOffline Seat Time Waiver Mentor Instruction Time Form   
ELE/MS/HS/SPED5-O-DVirtual Learning Options   
ELE/MS/HS/SPED5-O-DPandemic Learning Pupil List (2020-2021)   
ELE/MS/HS/SPED5-O-DPandemic Learning Teacher Contact (2020-2021)   
ELE/MS/HS/SPED5-O-DVirtual Learning Mentor Contact Form   
ELE/MS/HS/SPED5-O-DVirtual Learning Invoices   
ELE/MS/HS/SPED5-O-DAttendance Documentation for Virtual Learning Pupils (Two-Way Communications)   
HS/SPED5-PWork-Based Learning Experiences, Apprenticeships, and Internships   
HS5-PWork-Based Learning Experiences GE Pupil Timesheet    
HS/SPED5-PWork-Based Learning Experiences SE Pupil Timesheets   
HS/SPED5-PWork-Based Learning Experiences, Apprenticeships, and Internships Pupil Training Plan and Agreement   
HS5-Q-ASection 23a Dropout Recovery Program   
HS6-AExperiential Learning Courses   
MS/HS6-BPeer-to-Peer Elective Course Credit Program