Career Skills

Welcome to the Career Skills program at the WMCTC

The Career Skills program was created to provide students with an opportunity to learn a variety of job skills in a hands-on environment. Students spend approximately four weeks in seven of our CTC programs. During their time in the programs, students will be exposed to skills which would be beneficial for entry-level positions with many local employers.

The class spends time in each of the following CTC programs: Applied Construction Technology (ACT), Hospitality, Retailing, and Entrepreneurship (HRE), Heavy Equipment Mechanics (HEM), Digital Media Production (DMP), Automotive Technology (AT), Power Sports and Equipment (PSE), and Agriscience and Natural Resources (AG). The students will be coached along the way by the Career Skills Coordinator who will rotate with them throughout the programs.

The Career Skills class also focuses on the following skills: financial literacy, laundry and hygiene skills, fitness, basic cooking skills, basic first aid, interview skills, and resume building.

Ms. Laura Gornicki, Instructor (231-876-2220)

Mrs. Evie Kamphouse, Career Skills and Launch Paraprofessional (231-876-2247)

Mrs. Chanhom Sikkema, Career Skills Coordinator   (231-876-2200 ext 2225)