Welcome to the Public Safety program at the WMCTC:

Students in the Public Safety program will receive a broad-based overview of careers in the public safety field.  Students will learn about law enforcement, corrections, emergency dispatch, and the court systems. During this two-year program, students will become certified in CPR and Basic First Aid as well as participate in mock accidents, real-world scenarios, physical fitness activities, and field trips.

The Public Safety Field:

Students interested in the Public Safety program may continue their training after high school for careers in law enforcement, fire, corrections, and EMT.  The CTC Public Safety program is also part of the Wexford-Missaukee Early College program, which offers an Associate of Applied Science Degree Criminal Justice upon completing a 13th year of high school.  Please see the Wexford-Missaukee Early College link for more information.

Mr. Brett DeAugustine, Instructor   (231-876-4830)   bdeaugustine@wmisd.org

Mr. Dale Hall, Paraprofessional   (231-876-4807)   dhall@wmisd.org