Digital Media Production


Welcome to Digital Media Production

The Digital Media Production program offers multi-faceted training for students interested in video, television, radio, and sound-related careers.  During their two years, students will be exposed to extensive training on high-quality cameras, learning the basics of shooting and editing as they create their own video projects.  Our in-house radio station, CTC Radio, offers those interested in radio careers a chance to program a radio station, including rotating music and announcements.

Partnerships with many local media outlets allow Digital Media Production students to create video content seen on Cadillac Community Television and to explore careers alongside local television and radio professionals.  This training prepares a student for a career as a Camera Technician, Production Assistant, or Radio Personality.  Some of our alumni have held positions within the greater Cadillac area such as Director, Photojournalist, and Camera Operator.  Further training and education can lead to a career as a Film, Sound, or Video Engineer, Producer, Videographer, Editor, Motion Graphics Designer, or Script Writer.


Ms. Kammy Cook, Instructor   (231-876-2304)

Mr. Derrick Larr, Paraprofessional   (231-876-4808)

Mr. Rich Spicer, Paraprofessional   (231-876-4822)