Allied Health / Health Science Careers

Healthcare professionals are in great demand as the healthcare field is one of the largest and fastest-growing industries. Healthcare providers work in hospitals, offices (human, dental, and veterinarian), nursing homes, schools, and rehabilitation centers. Recent changes in technology, the increasing use of sophisticated equipment and the expansion of the field throughout the nation have created a sharp demand for individuals certified in the allied health field. Both programs offer instruction and use of sophisticated medical equipment, community healthcare volunteer opportunities, job-seeking skills, and job shadow opportunities, and articulated college credits.  This program also offers opportunities for Early College ~ Medical Assistant Certification.

The Allied Health program at the WMCTC:

The Allied Health program introduces students to the knowledge and skills required for employment within the diverse healthcare field. Students will study a curriculum consistent with many of the health occupations such as anatomy and physiology, communication skills, medical terminology, vital signs, CPR and First Aid certification, and safety. Employability skills are also included.

The Health Science Careers program at the WMCTC:

All seniors and 2nd-year students will be enrolled in the Health Science Careers program, which is located at the Munson Healthcare Cadillac Hospital. Students will build upon the knowledge and skills they learned during their first year through direct patient care. Students will also receive their Nurse Aide Certification upon completion of coursework. A Certified Nurse Aide works in nursing homes, assisted living, Hospice, hospitals, community-based long-term care, correctional institutions, and other long-term care settings. Nursing assistants help patients of all ages perform basic daily tasks.

Early College Opportunity:

This program offers your student the opportunity to enroll in the Wexford-Missaukee Early College (WMEC).  The WMEC is a public, tuition-free, 3-year program serving students who attend public school districts within the Wexford-Missaukee ISD or partner high schools.  Students participate in an integrated sequence of high school and college courses during grades 11-13 while attending the Wexford-Missaukee Career Technical Center.  There is no out of pocket cost to students and their families for tuition, books, and fees during the 3-year program.  Students can earn up to an Associate’s Degree or Certificate in the outline pathways.  Please see the Early College website for more information.

Mrs. Jill Doan, Instructor   (231-876-6090)

Mrs. Becky Nicholas, Instructor   (231-876-2226)

Mrs. Paige Renshaw, Paraprofessional   (231-876-2226)