Social-Emotional Learning

Social and Emotional Learning Infographic with images representing the five core CASEL competencies of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.

WMISD provides a variety of services to our local districts in social-emotional learning. A detailed toolkit outlining these services is coming soon!

CASEL Schoolwide implementation guide

WMISD Restorative Practices Toolkit (Alpha Build)

Reunite, Renew, Thrive – Social and Emotional Learning Roadmap for Reopening Schools

SEL Leadership Team Google Drive (Requires Access)

SEL Competencies and Indicators Guide PK-12

The CASEL Competencies Wheel

Ways to Further SEL Implementation Based Around the CASEL School-Wide Indicators

Explicit SEL InstructionCharacter Strong SEL Curriculum

SEL Integration with Academic InstructionASCD Member Book – SEL and the Brain
Youth Voice and Engagement
Supportive School and Classroom Climates
Focus on Adult SEL
Supportive DisciplineMichigan Restorative Practices Trainers and Associates
A Continuum of Integrated Supports
Authentic Family PartnershipsSEL Toolkit – Family Engagement
Aligned Community Partnerships
Systems for Continuous ImprovementMI-CIP

SEL Contact

Dave Johnson